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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The virtual escape game combines celebration and team building in an innovative way. It stimulates communication and teamwork, while offering a memorable experience that strengthens bonds between colleagues, all in a festive and fun atmosphere.

To start your virtual escape game adventure, book your slot online. All you’ll need is a laptop with a stable internet connection for each participant. This setup ensures everyone can join in and fully engage in the game experience.

The booking process is easy. Once you book, you’ll get an email with an activation code. Use this code to access the game.

For any booking difficulties, please contact our support team at Our team will assist you promptly and ensure your booking process is smooth and hassle-free.

Each game session lasts exactly 60 minutes. This time frame is designed to offer a complete and engaging experience from start to finish.

We recommend up to 6 players for the best experience. If your group is larger, please book additional sessions to include everyone.

Auto Mode: This is a self-guided experience with automated hints. Suitable for smaller teams or those who prefer an independent approach. With a Game Master: The GM leads the session, ideal for larger teams or those facing firewall restrictions on company devices. It offers a more interactive, guided experience, helpful for teams new to virtual escape games.

While having a Game Master (GM) is not strictly necessary to play « Holiday Heist », we highly recommend it for the best experience. The GM acts as a facilitator, managing the game session by sharing their screen with the team. This approach is particularly beneficial for teams that may encounter firewall restrictions on company devices, a common precaution in many organizations. The GM’s shared screen bypasses this issue seamlessly. Additionally, the GM guides the team through the puzzles, enhancing interaction and support throughout the game. Opting for a GM is particularly advantageous for larger teams or for players who might be less experienced with navigating virtual games, ensuring a smooth and immersive gameplay experience for everyone.

Our virtual escape game is fully customizable to align with your brand and company culture. From integrating your logo and branding to custom challenges, and personalized messages for your employees, we create a unique adventure that goes beyond just a game to become an integral part of your company identity.